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Our History

About fifteen employees of Strathmore School registered Mzima Springs SACCO in 1983. When it was registered, it was meant to only serve the subordinate staff. As Strathmore School expanded, more and more members joined in and by 1990 all employees of the School were eligible to join the SACCO.

The section of the college was moved over to Madaraka estate in 1992 and this threatened the continuity of the SACCO. However it was agreed rather than register a new SACCO, the current members of the college will continue being members of Mzima Springs SACCO with an appropriate management structure put in place to serve the interest of both groups.

 This agreement was vital as it led to the growth of the SACCO serving the Strathmore fraternity. This was because any person employed by any of the Strathmore institutions is eligible to be a member of the SACCO. These institutions included Kianda School, El Molo, Kibondeni and Tigoni.


To be an organized, well managed and competitive source of development for the better of Mzima Springs SACCO members.


To provide leadership in lending and promote wise borrowing to Mzima membership in collaboration with employer centres.

Our Values

  • Integrity:  We value truthfulness, fairness, honesty and transparency in our internal and external relationships, communication and transactions.
  • Excellence: We value professionalism and timeliness, and seek credibility in all we do.
  • Collaboration: We value the collective input and wisdom of our membership which emerge when as individuals we work as a team and other stakeholders.
  • Innovation: We value and support innovation particularly ICT-driven initiatives which will facilitate organizational efficiency and service delivery.

Our Core Principles

  • Genuine representation of members’ needs without regard to their status in our different employer centres.
  • Gender mainstreaming in all activities
  • Active participation and involvement of members and all other stakeholders
  • The achievement of interventions by maintaining credibility, fairness, reliability, integrity, accountability and transparency in all operations.
  • Prudent financial management and adherence to lending policies of Mzima.

Current Position

Currently as a result of expansion of the institutions membership the SACCO is comprised of the following Centres:

As at 31st December 2019, the total active members were 951.

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